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Thank you for booking me for your conference. I mean it. I'm at my best in a room full of people who need some innovation inspiration.

This page has some things you may need from me. Some of it is just for you, some is for both of us. Either way, it's important enough to put here so you don't have to wait. If the topic isn't linked, the content is on this page, just scroll down.

Promoting the Speaker

I have a few different resources to help you promote my credentials at your conference.

If you want to get fancy, ask me about creating an Ask Page.  Here's how it works. I create a page on my site that is all about your event -- along with a shortcut such as which has an interactive tool we use to get people to sign up and attend. They simply ask the question they would like answered at the event, add their name and email address. The result is a better turnout to your event and more engaged audience, since they know their particular question will be integrated into the presentation. 

Audio/Visual & Room Set-Up

All visuals are built on Prezi - no PowerPoint for me. I run Prezi from my laptop only. As a back-up, Prezi can be run from the house laptop via web browser. And I always have a back-up to the back-up. I prefer to use my own remote.


If you've asked me to Keynote, I work with your conference A/V techies to get my laptop and audio set up on your conference system. All visuals are built on Prezi and must run from my laptop. Depending on the topic, video with audio may be in the presentation, so I can work out audio integration with your team. 


Classroom set-up is just fine for my workshops. If there are 20 or fewer in a training or board workshop, I prefer a horseshoe arrangement. This makes everyone feel equally included. Plus, if you stand at the back of the room, it looks like the tables are smiling at you.

For all workshops, I use my laptop and remote with visuals built on Prezi. Please have a flip chart available as it aids my ability to interact and improves the audience experience. I carry my own markers for the flip chart, and promise I'm improving my handwriting and diagram-illustrations.


A politician once told me, right before I introduced him on stage, that the more important you are, the shorter the introduction. Well, I'm no politician. Thank goodness. So if you're stumped about what to say about me, here's a suggestion. Just kidding, please don't do that. Maybe just refer to my bio and pick out your favorite pieces of Kyle trivia.  But please don't read the full bio on stage. That's just silly. Try the Summary, or this fun intro.

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