REMEMBERSHIP WORKSHOP: Business Development Training From The One Who Wrote The Book On It

Kyle Sexton // Marketing StrategistRemembership Workshop is a selection of 60- to 90-minute sessions that will get your team on the same page for your organization's growth needs.

Challenging, entertaining, interactive, thought-provoking.

"This is my favorite program agenda," says presenter Kyle Sexton. "I love doing regional training programs for chambers and associations, especially in parts of North America that are often overlooked by big conferences or national events."

This program is best as a full-day mini-conference. No one does a more complete membership development training for your staff. Kyle specializes in chambers of commerce and business-focused associations. Contact Kyle Sexton today to discuss your goals and needs. Oh, and if you enjoy this, you can get a Marketing ReBoot for your members.

Determine your specific needs and choose among the sessions below. Mix and match according to your training goals. Inquire about keynotes for your conference or regional meeting.


This keynote is brand new for 2017. Let's talk about what's broken and what's working. Kyle applies business marketing strategies to your chamber or association using real stories of remarkable organizations. Learn how to engage members without asking them to show up, discover a new value proposition for the different business profiles among your membership, and communicate your values and successes through the clutter of a noisy planet. 

10 Tiered Membership Mistakes (You Don't Have to Make!)

The chamber industry's foremost authority on value-based membership tier structures breaks down the most common and most costly mistakes made while transitioning out of the fair-share model. This fast paced session leaves plenty of room for questions on the hottest topic in membership today... from the one who wrote the book on it!

Tomorrow’s Membership Organization

Have a S.E.A.T. and buckle up: We're going to talk about (S) serving and selling memberships with the latest technology, (E) engaging members without asking them to show up, (A) allowing members to choose their own investment, and (T) teaching members how to talk about you. 

Membership Solutions Session

A great way to end the day, Kyle’s unscripted format gives everyone a chance to get the ideas and advice they need in this high-energy, interactive session. Choose a focused topic like Membership Development, Communications or Web & Tech... or keep it general and let Kyle facilitate the conversation and see where it goes!

The Innovative Membership Organization

A certified marketing geek breaks down what makes a good idea take off in your chamber, and how to identify gaps in your offerings according to the Member Matrix. This brand new content is guaranteed to give you tools to take back to your board and committees to guide your future moves.

Turn Social Media Into Business Media

Kyle’s most popular training. Social media won't transform your organization overnight or by itself. Learn how Blogging + Search Engine Optimization + Social Media Sharing can turn strangers into friends and friends into members. “This just changed my whole life” is not an unusual review after this session.

Technology For Associations

CRM. CMS. Cut through the clutter of tech tools hitting your radar and focus in on the tools that can actually help your organization get things done for your members. This session contains tons of goodies for internal efficiency and external member benefits. This session gets reviews from the Institute for Organizational Management participants like, "This was the best session I've had in all 4 years of Institute." Really? It's just technology, but we keep it lively, fun and informative.

You and Your Organization, Branded

You've been promoting your association as simple and folksy when your clients want complex and powerful. You tell people you're accessible but you enjoy the freedom provided by your automated phone system. Take some time to consider what can happen when you align your brand around your values.

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