Here's what I'm working on now:

// I'm producing a podcast called Trajectory. It's a short form podcast, which means we're targeting 25- to 45-minute episodes. If it wasn't digital, it would be called a business talk show. 

My co-host is Kate Volman, a Florida-based content strategist. She's got an infectiously positive personality. She hosts a video morning show in her hometown in south Florida so she's no stranger to all this. 

Trajectory is focused on what happens on the pathway between idea and million-dollar business. We share what big brands do that small businesses can steal -- all from the perspective of two business owners who are also on that same trajectory. Guests can participate by checking out our Trajection Seat

We have 9 episodes published and our official launch is January 2018. Beginning in January, you'll be able to find it on iTunes, YouTube, Facebook and Google Play, but for now, you can see it on



// I have a new webinar series beginning January 18th, the first of 6 in 2018. These are all new content from me for my audience of chambers and associations. 

The first one is on mindset: Change Your Mindset, Change Your Community. I'm excited for this topic, as it's been a favorite discussion with clients, and now it's going to be out in the open.


// I've recently announced my retirement from 4 of the 5 Institutes at which I've taught since 2008. If you want to take my courses at the Institute for Organization Management, sign up for Winter Institute in Tucson in the first week of January. I'm taking this year off but will return in 2019. 


// I'm working with many economic development organizations, associations and chambers of commerce right now. The work is fulfilling and the outcomes are amazing.

My approach to value and pricing isn't only successful in membership organizations. I'm testing my method with solopreneurs right now, which is really fun for me and painful for my guinea pigs -- until they use it. My first test has doubled her business while firing her two largest clients.

I'm kicking around the idea of teaching it in a series of talks. I could use some more case studies so if you're a freelancer looking to upgrade your pricing and value proposition, contact me about trying out my approach at no cost. 

This page will be updated regularly. You can always find it at

// Thanks to Derek Sivers for starting the NOW movement. Cool. And thanks for tweeting me.

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