Reward the right behavior

A 13-year-old sports fan is taking his time looking through every single poster in the store. This little store, The Sports Page, was about a mile and a half from his house and he would ride his bike or scooter there anytime he had at least $7 in his pocket. He would go after church on Sundays if he couldn't make it on Saturdays because of basketball, soccer, baseball, wrestling, track or tennis activities. This kid was really into sports. 

The boy didn't have an allowance, so coming up with $7 for a new Michael Jordan poster for his bedroom was a big deal. A few bucks tucked inside birthday cards could mean a new poster, but what if it could become many posters, he wondered. Those birthday dollars became the seed money he needed to start his poster-buying enterprise. 

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The One Star Review

A Different Kind of Membership Campaign

Your membership drives herd marginally interested businesses and forces a quick yes or no. You keep about half in the second year and half that in the third. 

What if you looked at it differently?

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New for 2015: America's Pitch Tank

Since July, I've been planning a promotion I can finally talk about. More media coming soon but for now...

I've been in the audience of pitch events to investors and I've even been a competitor on stage. Now I will be a judge for a new national promotion called America's Pitch Tank, an event you can bring to your city featuring Kevin Harrington and me.

You've seen Kevin on Shark Tank on ABC and CNBC. He's the inventor of the infomercial and was the original Shark Tank investor in seasons 1 and 2. He’s vetted more than fifty thousand ideas in his 30-year career… cranked out five hundred products and billions in sales

We have our first America's Pitch Tank event on May 14th (Small Business Week) in Appleton, Wisconsin in partnership with Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh's Alta Resources Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. 2 local entrepreneurs/investors will join Kevin and me on stage to evaluate pitches, products and businesses. The front row of the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center will be filled with venture capitalists and investors from Wisconsin and beyond.

America's Pitch Tank is designed especially for chambers of commerce, universities, community foundations, innovation/entrepreneurship centers and economic development corporations. Contact me if you're interested in bringing this promotion to your city. 

The Best Speaker Introduction Ever

Very early in my speaking career, I was saying yes to every speaking opportunity. I had a J-O-B in marketing at the chamber of commerce, a great place to make a difference in the world -- or at least your own town. 

Saying yes to every speaking engagement puts you in some pretty funny situations. 

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