Marketing Without Exclamation Points

God has given you a certain number of exclamation points to use in your lifetime. Once you use them all, you are un-friended, filtered, deleted, un-followed, un-subscribed and permanently muted.

This doesn't apply to your social posts about your kid's home run, but it certainly does apply to business. I frequently give folks a hard time for over-using exclamation points, mostly because they deserve it. Here are some examples.

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Let's Have A Brainstorm

You and I are going to have a meeting and put on our green hats so we can have some creative ideas. We're going to ideate for a bit. Put it on your calendar and get ready for a brainstorm.

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Confusing the Public

Tom's Shoes is a remarkable company. Not because they make remarkable shoes, but because they have a story to sell (tell).

Tom's makes a simple promise: Buy a pair of Tom's shoes and they will give a pair to a child in need through their foundation, Friends of Tom's.  They are a for-profit company established for social good, as well as profit.

I was surprised to learn that Sketchers created their own division that makes a similar shoe and makes the same promise.  It's certainly their right to compete here, but I couldn't be more disappointed in Sketchers attempt to confuse the commercial public by naming this division Bob's.

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Breaking Business With A Razor

If you're going to follow a leader, make sure that leader is doing it right.

So many businesses are trying to be louder by being softer.  You soften your message to gather a larger audience, then you use more exclamation points to break through the clutter.

The result is an audience who knows you you are, but doesn't care. You're no longer remarkable.

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