What's Next?

Shaun Lumachi - a good friend to many in the chamber of commerce business - took a new position as God's Chief of Staff 1 year ago today. Shaun always used to ask me, "What's next?"  We miss him a lot.  In memory of Shaun, here's what's next in 2013.

Since my book, REMEMBERSHIP - New Thinking For Tomorrow's Membership Organization, first came out in 2011, the feedback has been amazing.  Many thank you notes from strangers and friends alike are convincing evidence that you needed this for your organization.

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Pricing Advice: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A chamber of commerce executive recently shared with me some advice she was given by a consultant in building her membership menu, which had her stuck.  Since I encounter this regularly, I thought I would share how to fix it.

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Business and Travel Tools I Can't Live Without

I've been quietly appreciating all of the tools that make my life as a (newly) full-time consultant so enjoyable these last few months, so i thought i would share the love. I've had a lot of folks ask me to blog about my travels in general. I've been reluctant for some reason, but that's a note best saved for my therapist.

For those who don't know, my job is to make sure that chamber of commerce staff love theirs.  I help chambers of commerce align their programs and pricing around small business.  And I love it. To do this job, I will travel to gigs about 20 times in 2012, and 35 times in 2013.  I'm a one-person operation with a home office and I also rent an office at the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Your brand story starts with 'why'

My friend Ben once sent me an email: "Have you seen Trombone Player Wanted?" He was referring the film by acclaimed author Marcus Buckingham. Marcus has created an empire of empowerment since I first saw him speak at the American Chamber of Commerce Executives Convention in Cleveland in the summer of 2006.

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Bundled Pricing: Art or Science?

Magicians can have a much longer career if they can keep their secrets.  So when Chris Dixon wrote How bundling benefits sellers and buyers on his blog this month, it occurred to me that the gig might be up.  Alas, my work continues. His description and analysis is -- in my opinion -- very easy to follow, but knowing how it's done and actually doing it are such different challenges.

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