Throw away the squirrel food

I wrote Follow You Anywhere in 9 days, or did I? When people ask me, "Wait, how long?" I usually tell them ten years. That's how long it took to gather and learn the lessons I share in the book. 

This month, people are talking about the new UFC featherweight champ, Conor McGregor. He knocked out the former champ in 13 seconds. How does a guy conquer a division in 13 seconds? I think it's similar to writing a book in 9 days. 

I'm a fan of the UFC. If you're unfamiliar with it, you may perceive it as violent or brutal, but the informed viewer sees an art form in the mixed martial arts competition.

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16 Days of Speaking, Consulting, Cruising & Reflecting

Day 1 of 16 on the road. Nothing like getting 3,000 miles from home and realizing what you forgot to take care of before you left. Also, I miss Wyatt already. Also, super excited for this trip. Also, 16 days is a long time. Also, SEX/K got the upgrade.

Day 2: Sarasota Florida today, where its been validated, this feeling I've had for years, that my content isn't Chamber content. It's business content with a NGO vocabulary. Lots of new fans here from all over North America. Heading to a conference in Fort Lauderdale tonight. Sunny and 90.

Day 3: I spent the day with amazing people today, the third of a 16-day tour of the southeast. Met Jay Berkowitz who is a digital marketing legend since Zuck was in high school. Maybe middle school.

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Survive, Alive, Thrive, Arrive


I think it's day 10 of a 16 day tour of the Southeast: I've busy being unplugged and thinking about my life, my son and my work. Some thoughts...

I'm not there yet and maybe you're not either. I don't yet know where there is.

Ten years ago I was trying to survive. Money was tight and I was newly divorced trying to figure out who I am, who I'm not and where I'm headed. I had a mentor and best friend and family to push and encourage me. I hope you do too.

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The difference between signals and noise


Day 15 of my 16 day tour through the Southeast: Roanoke is beautiful right now even if the sky is gray... So many fall colors. If I was here as a tourist they would call me a leaf peeper. It's a real thing in the tourism industry.

Last night around 11:30 the fire alarm went off in the whole hotel. It was the most intrusive alarm I have ever heard in my life. I threw some clothes on and headed down the stairs with about a hundred other guests.

No one was panicked. Most were either annoyed, alert or still dreaming. At no time did I say to myself, "This is a real fire" (until 3 fire engines and a ladder truck pulled up). 

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Jump for the top of the box

I was a basketball coach at Umpqua Community College and on the way home from a tournament, I asked one of our players a question.

"Brian, you jump out of the gym. I mean, you're six-one and get as high or higher than me at six-five. How do you make dunking the basketball look so easy?"

After the bashful Brian Blakely resisted answering for a bit, he leaned in and nearly whispered, "Well, if you really want to know, most people jump for the rim. I don't jump for the rim. I jump for the top of the box (about a foot higher) and when you jump for the top of the box you're surprised by how easy it is to get to the rim."

Say no to the plan. Say yes to something better and enjoy making the former plan look easy.

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