Lumachi: [loo MAWK ee] to move the unmovable with ease and compassion

Shaun Lumachi's star shined so bright that, on Saturday December 3, 2011, God decided Shaun would best serve Him by His side.  Damnit.

I think it was February, 2004, when I first met this young guy from the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce.  He was walking up to the stage to receive an incredible honor - Chamber Staff Person of the Year from the Western Association of Chamber Executives.  I took note because based on the introduction, I expected someone much older.

Here was this Italian kid with a perfectly round noggin shaved bald.  Lumachi?  How do you spell that?  He was the Tasmanian Devil of the chamber of commerce industry.  He doesn't look like a chamber guy... maybe a mobster?

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Books about how to write books

Over the last 2 years, I've been writing 2 books.  REMEMBERSHIP is at the printer and I just signed the proof this morning (May 13, 2011).  It should be done by the end of May.

I'm particularly excited about my next project.  The working title, for now, is Business Tips from Experts You've Never Heard Of.

I've been reflecting on what it took to get to this point - a lot - especially as so many friends and colleagues have inquired about the process.  While most of them are curious to know how it is that I have enough to say to fill a whole book, I find that my favorite questions are about the business side of self-publishing.

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The problem with being obvious

Back in the early 70's, the world's strongest shoe brand was born. Rather than calling it "The World's Best Shoes," Phil Knight called it Nike.

If Facebook was named "Another Social Network," it wouldn't be the world's largest.

There's more market power in being less obvious. I bet "The Human Bean," the coffee drive-thru near my home, does more business than one called "Coffee, Espresso & Stuff."

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How to Link Your Blog to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Face2Face has received national acclaim for its ability to syndicate your content to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Now, there are even more options.

The current Facebook connection allows you to connect your NewsShare posts and status updates to your personal Facebook page (in addition to any single Twitter profile). If you haven't set this up yet, just click on Settings in the box on top of the right column, then select Connections on the left column and enter your Facebook and Twitter credentials.

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