How to Link Your Blog to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Face2Face has received national acclaim for its ability to syndicate your content to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Now, there are even more options.

The current Facebook connection allows you to connect your NewsShare posts and status updates to your personal Facebook page (in addition to any single Twitter profile). If you haven't set this up yet, just click on Settings in the box on top of the right column, then select Connections on the left column and enter your Facebook and Twitter credentials.

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Advertise to a market, or share with a community

My best friend's kid sister did the unthinkable last summer. She opened a bookstore.

Perhaps Rebekah didn't get the memo about paper, or she's never heard of the Kindle and it's creator,

She lives on the outskirts of St. Louis, but she didn't seek out a location in the city. She didn't go to the edge of town, or even a suburb. No, 40 minutes away she parked her bookstore in downtown Edwardsville, Illinois, pop. 24,000. If you saw the movie "The Lucky Ones" with Tim Robbins and Rachel McAdams, you saw downtown Edwardsville dressed up as Denver.

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Put your messages where the people are

I've been doing a lot of consulting work with Salem area business to get them up to speed on using social media to promote their products, services and customers. Once we get through all the techie-talk, the next question is always, "Now what do I write about?"

Content is king on the internet, and social media uses communities of users to create the content through interaction. I find that the best way to describe how to create great content is to show these clients and members some great examples.

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Day with Seth Godin brings business revelations

It's safe to say I was a little more than excited to be one of 50 people in the world invited to an exclusive, private session with my favorite author and change-agent, Seth Godin. I think I was more grateful for the invitation from Seth's people than for my first trip to New York City. I couldn't wait to grab a New York bagel on my 8 block walk in the Big Apple from my hotel to the conference.

All bagels and cream cheese aside, Godin spent four of our five hours together in a casual conversation, spending only the first hour with prepared remarks about his latest book, Linchpin. The subtitle describes the book best: "Are You Indispensable?"

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